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Our "Goodbye Anxiety" pet friendly wax melts offers the ULTIMATE relaxation for you and your dog. The floral notes of lavender teamed with the warm anchor of cedarwood is a winning combination:

Lavender & Cedarwood benefits:

* Reduces stress & anxiety in both dogs & humans

* Alleviates headaches (the intensity & frequency)

* Ensures a relaxing environment for anxious or nervous dogs, perfect to have burning during fireworks on the lead up to Christmas & New Year

* Can reduce nervousness & depression/low mood for us hoomans

* Support in reducing mild insomnia & maintaining a healthy sleep schedule (which in turn boosts your immune system)

* Eases PMS.... yes ladies!

* Cedarwood provides mental clarity, deodorises those doggie smells, decreases hyperactivity and eases tension

Goodbye Anxiety

  • Pet Friendly Wax Melts

    All of our wax melts are created using 100% plant-based natural coconut and rapeseed wax. Our wax