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Goodbye Wet Dog

Say Goodbye to those “wet dog” smells, “boot room” smells, “cooking smells” AND cold-like symptoms with this purifying blend of Lemongrass & a hint of tea-tree

Benefits of this special essential oil blend:

Improves air quality - great for deodorising those SOGGY doggie & SMELLY wellies in the boot room

Cleanse & refresh the kitchen after cooking

People suffering from colds burn these candles to open up their sinuses.

Allergy suffers often find relief when burning this type of scent

Headaches & sore throats, especially those associated with sinus congestion, can be relieved by eucalyptus

Goodbye Wet Dog

  • Pet Friendly Wax Melts

    All of our wax melts are created using 100% plant-based natural coconut and rapeseed wax. Our wax is free from palm, paraffin, artificial additives and is also considered vegan friendly. Our melts are hand-poured using the highest quality, cruelty free, natural and sustainable ingredients. We use 100% natural essential oils and no synthetic fragrances, parabens, carcinogens or other nasties.